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The Team

Gerald Garnsey Marshall

Gerald Garnsey Marshall was a wooden boat lover, owner of Spicer Bay Marina in Clayton, New York.  He was a gentle man with a love for the St. Lawrence River that he handed down to his daughter and, most richly, to his grandsons Tony and Chuck.  He taught nicknames and secret places on the River in his quiet manner.  As a working River guide, who made his living from the River, he instilled a quiet unwavering love and respect for the River that is the embodiment of our brand. We are 1000 Islands 40 Acres Clothing Co.


Tony is the statesman of our crew.  He is the businessman, the fisherman and the gentle soul.  He is responsible for the back office, the front office, and the office in between. His grandfather remains his favorite person and the River remains his favorite place.


Chuck is the artist of our crew.  He is the wood boat lover, the dreamer and the fish chaser.  He is responsible for bringing to life our imagery and ideas.  He is a Lyman aficionado, a Muskie devotee and behind the wheel of a wood boat on the River remains his favorite place.


Steph is the writer of our crew.  She is a River (and freshwater) convert, having grown up racing sailboats on saltwater.  She is responsible for bringing to life our concepts and ideas. She is a businesswoman who firmly believes in dream chasing and the restorative power of nature.  Anywhere on the water is her favorite place.


Our Misssion

The Crew at 1000Islands 40Acres is working for the restoration, preservation and conservation of the Muskellunge and its River.  First step, working to uncomplicate what has seemingly gotten very complicated